Sven Gutjahr born in Worms, Germany lives and works in Berlin. Currently, he is studying film as a master student of Thomas Arslan at Berlin University of the ArtsIn 2016 he achieved his bachelor degree in Visual Communication mentored through Anna Anders focusing on moving image. In the same year he was awarded with a grant by the German National Scholarship Foundation.

Sven works in the fields of photography and film. Driven by critical perspectives on hegemonic norms his work is often body-based, drawing attention to aspects of performativity and identity.

His conceptual positions connect queer theory, performing arts and narrative fiction by exploring aesthetics of intimacy, control and excess.

Within collaborations he worked with and for MUNCH, Danny Elfman, Matt Lambert, Versace, Holly Herndon, Lie NingGalerie Isabella Bortolozzi, Bendik Giske, and many others.

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