Films, 2015
S-VHS, 60:00 min, loop, silent

“Sova is in a committed Relationship with Porn” feature in SOVA Magazine,
26 October 2018

Group Show “Obsolete Media” curated by Björn Speidel as part of the Annual Rundgang, Berlin University of the Arts
18–23 July 2018

Featuring: Valentin Braun
Camera assistant: Charlotte Hannah Peters

Special thanks: Niklas Goldbach & Silke Gutjahr

ZAR is a cinematic experiment by Sven Gutjahr in collaboration with Julia Bajanova. In two parts of the ZAR project, it initially covers the strange interaction between nature and man; and then goes on to explore the theme of confrontation with the strangeness of the human body which is documented in aestheticized, moving images and developed in an analytical process. Telling an abstract version of the creation story it explains it from two different perspectives - the romantic and the organic.

The launching theme was „Das Fremde” which best translates as ”strangeness, foreign or alien“. The first part of the film project was filmed in Sauen, where the substance, which enacts the strangeness of nature, was practically predetermined by the unusual location. We opted to use the setting to capture one of oldest recurring archetypes appearing in countless stories, legends and myths that nature is foreign to us and we are not „compatible“ with her.

“Carl Jung understood archetypes as universal, archaic patterns and images that derive from the collective unconscious and are the psychic counterpart of instinct.They are inherited potentials which are actualized when they enter consciousness as images or manifest in behavior on interaction with the outside world.” [2]

The second film is about the strangeness of the human body, and consists of three parts which abstractly represent three separate phases of human existence: origin, confrontation and elimination. The third part of the film was elaborated through the choreography of performance artist Natalia Korotyaeva.

[2] Stevens, Anthony in „The archetypes“ (Chapter 3.) Ed. Papadopoulos, Renos. The Handbook of Jungian Psychology (2006)

Text: Paul Thomas

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